Scheme switch-on for Spring

Throughout August, we will be checking and resetting irrigation controllers connected to the Brighton Third Pipe Scheme. This way the system will be ready to water gardens when it heats up in spring. We encourage everyone to keep their irrigation controller switched off as long as possible and operate the system manually until gardens need regular watering.

If you are no longer using the third pipe scheme, we encourage you to keep your controller in ‘Off’ mode.

Routine maintenance

We have just undertaken some routine maintenance of the system that involved cleaning out the pipes and bores ready for spring.

Test your sprinklers

From Wednesday 1 September, you will be able to turn on your irrigation controller by switching the mode from ‘Off’ to ‘Auto Run’. The timer will be programmed for your scheduled watering days and times.

As with all irrigation systems, a long period of inactivity may cause blockages to sprinkler heads or damage to pipe work.

You can test your sprinklers on Saturday and Sunday mornings from 9:30am to 11am.

For all Brighton third pipe scheme queries, replacements or complaints please contact 13 13 75 or visit

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