Talking to customers on improving water quality in the Murchison

over 1 year ago

We took a road trip to talk to communities and councils last month as part of our project to improve water quality in the Murchison region.

Over two days in April, our Board Chairman Mike Hollett and CEO Sue Murphy joined members of the Mid West Region team including Regional Manager Steve Greeve and Stakeholder Manager John D’Arcy in the road trip to consult with communities and shire CEOs in the region.

“Mike and Sue’s presence was important as part of the consultation process, and showed our strong commitment to the success of the project," Steve said.

"They were able to have face to face conversations with the local people and council representatives speaking about their experience and motivations for getting the new plants up and running.”

The project will see the construction of centralised water treatment plants in Meekatharra, Cue, Mount Magnet and Sandstone that will use electro dialysis reversal (EDR) water treatment systems.

Last year we invited experts in water treatment to propose solutions to meet the needs of the region’s remote and challenging operating environment, and chose an EDR-based system which incorporates an advanced membrane technology process that uses ion movement to desalinate water.

Image: Team from Water Corporation visiting communities and councils in the Murchison, April 2018