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    Who else is involved in the study?

    Water Corporation has engaged two Western Australian market research agencies, Painted Dog Research and Thinkfield to assist with the recruitment of participants, surveying and analysing the findings. KASA Consulting has been engaged to conduct household audits of taps and appliances.

    What do I need to know about the digital meters?

    What does the digital meter do?

    A digital meter enables real time water use data to be transmitted from your household through a wireless 4G internet of things (NB IoT) network to Water Corporation for analysis.

    The digital meter does not require power or use of your internet connection - it is battery operated and connects through its own 4G IoT network. The digital meter is small and compact and will replace your existing meter.

    Water Corporation’s H2OME digital meters comprise:

    1.  A standard issue Itron Water Corporation meter. Note that if your meter was replaced in the past two years, you may not need another one fitted.

    2.  A Cyble sensor which is attached to the meter to digitally capture how much water is flowing through.

    3.  A Telstra Captis 4G Pulse device which sends water use data to Water Corporation at around 3.30am each day.

    What’s involved in installation?

    The installation work will be carried out by an authorised Water Corporation representative and will take about 15 minutes to complete, during which time the water supply to your property will be turned off. You do not need to be home on the day of installation.

    If you are not home - Water Corporation will carry out the work and leave a card in your mailbox to let you know that it has been completed.

    If you are home - Water Corporation will knock on your door to let you know they are about to commence the work and again when it has been completed.

    What do I need to do after installation? - When your new digital meter is installed and water supply resumes, an outside tap should be slowly run for one to two minutes to remove any trapped air in the pipes.

    On the rare occurrence your meter fails or breaks please contact 13 13 75 and advise Water Corporation staff you are taking part in the H2OME study. 

    What happens after the study finishes?

    After the study officially concludes in 2020, the digital meter will remain on your property for an additional four years with water use data transmitted to Water Corporation during this time. Please note, after the 12-month study you can contact Water Corporation to request your sensor and logger to be removed from your meter. 

    Can I see my water use data?

    Aside from the water use data received in your water bill, the information won’t be available to access. The primary reason for this is we don’t want your water-related behaviour to be influenced in any way, as accurate, real-time information is imperative to this study.

    How do the incentives work?

    Participation in the study is unpaid, however there are opportunities for participants to earn up to $250 in gift cards through completion of surveys and tasks for the study. In addition, on completion they will be entered into the draw to receive a single gift card of $1,500. There is no cost for households to be involved and water bills will not change as a result of participation.

    Customers who are asked and successfully register their interest for the study will go into the draw to win one of five $50 gift cards.

    Gift card details and Terms and Conditions for the prize draw can be viewed on Painted Dog's website.

    Can my partner or another family member participate instead of me?

    Yes. As long as they are aged 18+ and live in your household. They must use the email invitation and link sent by Water Corporation to register their interest.

    I'm renting, I live in an apartment, I have an overdue bill, I use a lot of water, I use very little water, I have received a water use infringement notice, etc. Am I still eligible to register?

    Yes. Water Corporation requires a broad range of customers to take part in the study.


    This study is being conducted in accordance with Water Corporation’s Privacy Policy