Marine exclusion zone as surveys begin off Alkimos coast

over 1 year ago

A temporary marine exclusion zone will be in place off the Alkimos coast from 17 September, 2018 for up to three months while we complete a seismic survey and core sample drilling as part of our feasibility investigations.

The surveys will help us understand the subsea geology and where and how the intake and outfall pipelines for the potential future seawater desalination plant may be located and installed.

The seismic survey, which will be completed by a specially equipped vessel, will be completed first, followed by the core sample drilling, which will be completed using a jack up barge. Once the seismic survey is complete the temporary exclusion zone will be limited to within 25m of the rig and be identified by buoys equipped with flashing yellow lights.

Recreational fishers and boaters are reminded to please stay clear of the exclusion zone and ensure all fishing equipment is removed by 16 September to prevent it being damaged. Beach access will not be affected by the work and the rig may be visible from the shoreline.

For more information, coordinates and a map of the exclusion zone please click here.